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@selenagomez: Dear Marie
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mymindisbeingfucked asked: okay would you mind explaining your blog,i mean i love it its just i find it i little insulting.when i read the description i just feel like you like the idea of that typical girly, submissive female,or is it that you like your women really girly?

I’m just saying that some women take the tomboy thing too far. Some end up looking like bikers without a beard! Imagine if men took the metrosexual thing to far and carried purses, and started using makeup. It just would seem a bit silly. I don’t like a submissive female though. That’s too girly. I think women look their best when they are themselves at the end of the day. I personally love the no makeup, au natural look too. I think the sexiest thing a woman could do is be confident and strong while smiling in a dress.

I just think if they are going to embrace men’s style (chuck taylors, loose jeans, joke tattoos, etc.) they should find a balance with Dresses, flowers in their hair, cute colorful bracelets, etc.  


Strange but nice to see myself on my dash
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